2017 Burton Art Show Winners

**NEW** - POPULAR CHOICE AWARD: Xyl Lasersohn - Stabilizer
Popular Choice

Best of Show: Mary Ann Sedivy - On the Way Home
best of show
      1st Prize: Cindy Ceroky - Vincent 
      2nd Prize: Tricia Kaman - Many Rooms
      Honorable Mention:
      Douglas Carpenter - Mountain Labyrinth
Hap Howle -Trio:  Amish Sulky & Farm/
Reflections in Venice/Autumn Forest Floor
      1st Prize: Melissa Stanton - Advocate’s Close
      2nd Prize:  Michael Finizia - Naked Coast
          Honorable Mention:
          Danielle Apthorp, Angry Bird
          Elaina DeVault, Swallowtail’s Lust
          Martin Pesek, Maple Syrup Time
3D Art
      1st Prize: Christine Rzeszotarski,Ghost 
      2nd Prize: Jeff Hise, Area 51 
      Honorable Mention:
      JoAnn Delafranconi, Gears
      John Lillich, Mr. Sharp-Shinned
Popular Choice Award will be announced on Sunday, October 15th at 4:30 pm
The entry receiving the most votes from the viewing public will receive a cash award.