2019 Burton Art Show Winners

2019 Burton Art Show Winners

Best of Show Britta Franz "The Regal One"
1st Prize¬†Dustin Kaiser ‚ÄúEmbrace‚ÄĚ
2nd Prize¬†Britta Franz ‚ÄúFaded Frontier‚ÄĚ
Honorable Mention
Allyn Rosser "Sheauga"
Xyl Lasersohn "Tomato Salad"
Barbara Doyle Schmid "Renewal Time" 
1st Prize Heather Brant "Myla and the Horse"
2nd Prize¬†Michael Finizia¬†‚ÄúOld Boiler‚ÄĚ
Honorable Mention 
Heather Brant "There are more sheep than people in Iceland"
Heather Denning "Miss Cheyenne"
3D Art
1st Prize Hannah Witt "Caesar"
2nd Prize John Lillich "Lord of the Mountain"
Honorable Mention 
Nancy MacDermott "River Riffles
Barbara Yoxall "Weaving In and Out"

Monica Glasscock‚ÄĒArt & 3D Art
Mike Majewski‚ÄĒPhotography