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A good source for book reviews, upcoming releases, top sellers, etc.

Lists of award winners, best sellers, and much more.
Fantastic Fiction  - a staff favorite!
Type in your favorite author to get a listing (in order!) of all of his/her series titles. A great  site with bibliographies for over 10,000 authors and information on over 200,000 books.

A place to find books by genre, i.e.  Mystery, Romance, Western, Sci-Fi.

Good Reads
Great source for book reviews. Track what you've read and share recommendations with other members of this book lovers' community.

Library Thing
Catalog your books online.  LibraryThing helps you create a library-quality catalog of your books and connects people based on the books they share.

Literature Map 
Enter the name of a favorite author, and you'll get a display of writer's names, with your pick at the center.  The closer a name sits to your choice, the better chance that you'll enjoy that author's style.

Novelist Plus - a staff favorite!
Novelist Plus helps readers of all ages or those who help readers find fiction and non-fiction books they will enjoy. Using simple search techniques, find helpful resources such as expert reading recommendations, read-alikes, book discussion guides, thematic book lists and more. A Burton Library or Clevnet library card is needed to log in to this website.  Free!​

Publishers Weekly 
Best seller lists for all different kinds of books, etc.

Reader's Circle
An online directory for book clubs and reading groups.

Reading Group Guides 
An online community for reading groups.  Almost 2000 Group Guides for book discussions, how-tos, and more!

What Should I Read Next?  - a staff favorite!
Type in the title of a book (or author) that you have enjoyed and you'll receive a list of similar suggestions.

Move the sliders on character, plot, or setting to receive book recommendations. Eerily accurate!