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It's the One and Only Burton Antiques Market!

Our next shows are Saturday, June 10,

and Saturday, September 23, 2017.

Early Buyer Admission $25 8-10am

General Admission $8 10am-4:30pm

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Spring Brush Pick-Up Week of May 14th
 Stack brush at curb, cut end toward street but not protruding into street  Brush must be no larger than 5 inches in diameter & 5 feet long  Normal yard debris, branches & trimmings only. No garden or flower bed debris  Maximum load time is 15 minutes per address; debris remaining after time allocation is owners responsibility  This service is for small branches and limbs that might have fallen during storms  Service is not for removal of entire trees  Once crews have left THEY WILL NOT BE BACK  Brush should not be put out any sooner than Monday, May 6, 2017 ​